Career Planning

In Desmer Communication, we are using all available means to train and develop our own executive staff from the very beginning in the company to the management level. We closely monitor the whole process of our employees from joining our company to climb the career stairs with our special career experts. For us, each employee is a potential future executive.

We do the following as determined by Human Resources Department;

Attention and Perception Test: Tests evaluating attention, perception and intuition, help us to have idea about skills and talents of the employee.

Face to Face Interviews: Character profiles obtained from the pre interview done by our human resources executives and the suitability of those profiles to the applied position are questioned. Detailed analysis is carried out on position competence.

Sufficiency Practices: We make our evaluations through workshops, according to the needs of each department and position. We do this practice with the accompaniment of assessment board composed of the members of senior management.

Trial Period: We have a short trial period for candidates who are successful at career processes in order to evaluate the suitability of the employee to the position. Candidates who are successful at this phase are assigned to their new positions.