Continuing Education System

Education is at the heart of development in Desmer Communication. Continuing learning starting with the first entrance of the candidate from the company door continues throughout the working life of the person on a nonstop basis.

We group our training mainly in 3 categories. These are; orientation, technical training and competence education.

In the orientation training,we provide new team members with the basic information starting from the vision and mission of our company to general information about the industry in which our company operates; from communication techniques to stress management. We try to equip the new team member with all the basic competences that he/she might need during his work.

In the technical training, we provide specific information on how to do that job in accordance with the requirements and infrastructure of the department. Main target in this training is to provide the information in the most practical and concrete way and give experience with real-like simulations.

In the competence education, we provide all kinds of competence training, which call center dynamics require like personal development and which help team members do their job in a more professional way.

Within these education concept, continuous development is a fact for everybody in the company no matter how low or high in hierarchy.