Our Aim

In Desmer Communication family, we believe that the human resources is our most valuable power. We think that behind the success of our company there is a successful team, which is competent, open to development and innovation.

When we choose team members, our desired candidates’ profile is the one “who can add value to our company; whose awareness and potential is high and who aims career in this industry”. While making our choices among the candidates, we apply continuously improving interview techniques in which objective, careful and modern selection and placement techniques are used.

Within Desmer, we have a resource management system named “DesTech”, developed by our technical team in parallel with our requirements. Configured specifically for our company, we are fully aware of all our activities and works inside the company with the support of this system. In this respect, with DesTech we both ensure the legal security of our employees and company and enable all processes to progress properly and fairly.

We train the stars of the sector via Desmer Academy. Continuing Education System, closely following the improvements of the team members and the value we attach on education are all irreplaceable.

We provide new team members equal opportunities to climb from team member to top executive positions via the processes managed by our human resources department.For us, each team member is a potential future manager.