Recruitment Processes

In Desmer Communication family, we are adopting modern interview techniques while choosing our team friends and continuously developing our interview techniques.

In the recruitment processes;

Pre Interview: During the candidate evaluation pre interview phase, the candidates are questioned via competency based interview techniques. We also make a character analysis via the personality inventory tests applied during the job application phase.

Simulation: We analyze the potential of the candidates in the real working environment and determine the right position for them with the help of role-play applications which are designed based always on their position and department requirements.

Job Offer: Candidates who are successful in the first phases of the recruitment process and who are assumed to be suitable for entering and holding a position in our family, are offered a job at our company. Successful candidates are informed about the current conditions and the conditions of the job offered. After making a mutual agreement on the conditions of the new job of the candidate, we complete the recruitment process.