We have been getting all kinds of call center services of Desmer since March 2009. In short, I can say that we have benefited too much from the experience of Desmer in areas such as answering service, outgoing calls, back office operations, data entry. Explaining in a more detailed manner, Desmer supports our banking operations via the 444 78 78 Şekerbank Call Center and telephone banking, by answering all calls to the call center, calling clients, management of the operational processes of the complaints coming from the clients, follow up of the fraud processes, POS support, branch office support, data/form entry.

On behalf of our bank, Desmer provides call center and telephone banking services to the clients of our bank with its continuously growing and experienced management team and customer representatives. As we are working together for long years, we consider Desmer a business partner of our bank, instead of a third party company, from which we get some services. In this respect, Desmer is just like a part of our company.

As Şekerbank, we have adopted result-oriented business models with the support of the professionals in Desmer. In this respect, we can communicate with our clients better, know the needs of the clients accurately, keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level and offer services according to the exact needs of our clients. Desmer always support us with its innovative project development approach and ideas/solutions on Call Center business and other developments in the industry.

Desmer provides sales and marketing, operational services to its clients based on customer satisfaction principle with its highly skilled and deep knowledge of the industrial legislation. Desmer plans the projects with every single detail, follows the processes very carefully and puts all the effort required for the success of the projects. We recommend Desmer to all companies who are looking for a professional partner in customer handling area.

Serdar Çavdar
Şekerbank Personal Banking Manager

We have been working with Desmer since the start of our company in March 2011.Since then we have developed a good collaboration with Desmer in many issues including responding to all kinds of questions of our customers regarding our products and services; and providing information to the potential customers by making phone calls. We have been very happy to work together with Desmer mainly due to the warm and constructive attitude of the Desmer staff to us and the advanced technology Desmer possess.

Desmer Management is working with us like a business partner in terms of guiding us in customer relations issues and correcting our deficiencies in the field of customer relations and communication skills. Desmer gladly shared its valuable experience in call center business with us to guide us for future restructuring of our newly formed company.

I would like to extend my profound thanks to all Desmer staff for their smiling attitude and kind interest showed to us as well as for the support given to our company throughout the last 3 years. Consequently, I can strongly recommend Desmer to all companies, considering call center services in order to manage customer relations.

Mustafa Sedefoğlu
Şeker Mortgage Finance Company. Marketing Manager


AKEDAŞ has acquired Göksu EDAŞ, a subsidiary of TEDAŞ, through privatization. Our company provides electricity distribution and retail sale services to more than 590.000 customers in Kahramanmaraş and Adıyaman, where industry and trade is growing very rapidly.

As required by the law of Customer Services for Electricity Market, our company needed to establish a call center. In this respect, we wanted to work with a company well experienced in the call center business and open to innovation. We have started to get Call Center services from Desmer on August 2012.

Before signing the agreement with Desmer, we did not have any experience in customer relations management. Desmer conducted all the work smoothly from hardware preference to software development and adaptation, from the selection of customer relations representatives to training activities. Before Desmer, our clients had difficulty in finding a respondent from our company. Nowadays, Desmer is acting as a door of our company opening to the outside world.

We can track and follow any information, with the help of the archive ability of the software, which is developed by Desmer. It helps us to provide key point reports to our managers. Well organized reporting also makes the auditing process easier. Some integration was successfully made by Desmer, which was a requirement but had not been managed by other companies before. For instance, we can follow and manage every process on one screen via Abone.NET integration.

We have not lost time with the terms like day/night or close/distant. Instead, we had a team focusing on how to develop quality and continuously working to improve the processes. We did not think that it will be that much easy to exchange the views with a company that we did not know.

Desmer is one of the rarely seen companies which handle the responsibility for you with a team of professionals, able to overcome all difficulties.

Ahmet Konuş
AKEDAŞ Data Processing Software Department


We have worked with Desmer in 2014 on Valentine’s Day. They helped us to answer inbound order calls on this day which the intensity of our calls increases remarkably. With their immediate response to our need, powerful infrastructure, fast integration with their expert technological team we completed our project successfully.

We are very glad about their service with full with sincerity and solution focused way of working. We hope to continue successful operations together and recommend every company to work with Desmer.

Fatma Özbey
Çiçek Sepeti – Call Center Manager