Aspect Call Center

Aspect UIP helps companies to deliver a seamless customer experience journey across every touchpoint. Whether on-premises or in the cloud.

From mobile and IVR self-service to agent-assisted conversations. From social to TXT, from inbound and outbound voice to email or chat.

For personalized interactions, Aspect gives the ease to use flows, reports and analysis.

Companies use Aspect Call Center solution have the previlage to give his customers the help they need, build better relationship and give smart campaign offers. And get things done in the shortest time.

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icon-cloud-contact-centerCloud or on Premise or Hybrid Contact Center

You have the flexibility to have the systems on your premise or use the cloud option.It is all up to you, choose the best fit for your company according to your budget, safety or regulatory issues. Aspect UIP gives you the latest customer engagement technologies opportunity for better customer satisfaction.


icon-experience-continuityExperience Continuity

Todays customers like use all touch points that they feel comfortable.

Keeping the context and provide the continuity when consumers move from self-service to live-service, switch between channels is one of the major challengers.

With Aspect you can easily use the power of contextual handover.


icon-acdAutomatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Aspect is the creator of the ACD technology 40 years ago for Continental Airways.

Manage the inbound customer interaction with business flows and skill based rules…

Turn the routine calls into a strong relation.


icon-crmCRM Integration

Having the suitable connector for most of the CRM tools, we give you the comfort to use your previous investments.

With an integrated agent desktop solution, you empower the CSR’s to meet growing customer expectations.



New challenge for the companies is to keep marks of all the footsteps.

Cause the customers do not want to repeat their old steps.

Omni-channel is the new approach for a better customer experience.

So you have to keep up with the speed of the customer.

During the interaction journey, customers must the treated as first class passenger and be satisfied from their experience.


icon-make-it-socialSocial Interactions

Digital marketing or customer care in social environment must be the part of engagement activities.

Rather than just listening to social media, actions can be taken on the requests or the complaints or the demands that are already happening within the social sphere.


icon-aspect-unified-ipAspect® Unified IP®

It is a complete, software-based customer engagement platform with many features.
You can have it in a cloud, on premise or hybrid.

With key capabilities of:

Delivering remarkable customer experience

Better routing, better experiences (with a powerful ACD function)

Multichannel choice and omni-channel customer journey (voice, email, chat, SMS, IM and social)

Compliant proactive OB and high-touch customer care (outbound dialer)

Simpler deployment, unified command and control


icon-aspect-customer-platform-cxpAspect® Customer Experience Platform™ (CXP)

CXP gives you all the features to make your customers have an omni-channel experience over touch points such as IVR, SMS, USSD, Twitter, Mobile, mobile Web.

Provide seamless journey from one channel to the next with the contextual information.

CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy applications across multiple communications channels.

You design once, and apply to everywhere.

Enhance service quality, variety and channel usage.

Lower the customer service costs by empowering self-service channels

Streamline business processes thru channels

Decrease IT costs and development efforts

Analyze and Optimize


icon-aspect-socialAspect® Social™

As customers starts to communicate thru social sphere, catch the chance to give customer service in social networks. Make consumers turn to your brand advocates.

Aspect Social is a full suite that transforms social media into a true customer care channel.

It has the capabilities of interaction management and workforce optimization.

Aspect Social software makes the agent to have a interaction with the customer.

Have the ability to publish content into social media and measure the effectiveness thru your social engagement strategy.

Establish KPIs for social care outcomes such as handle times, customer satisfaction, post scores in a dashboard