Aspect Self Service

Aspect Voxeo CXP allows companies have the comfort to design once and deploy anywhere –IVR, text, social and mobile.

Smart automation and voice technologies increase the first contact resolution without transfering to an agent.

Deliver one of the best customer service experience where people prefer to help themselves. Transform one-way delf service notifications into interaction.

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icon-customer-selfserviceCustomer Self-Service

Nowadays companies have to give the ownership of the conversations to their customers.

Traditional IVR is not enough for today’s customers.

Contextual handover and seamless transition across channels are musts.

IB and OB self-service solutions for SMS, IVR, social media, mobile apps and other self-service channels.

Self-service is a must for consumer loyalty, brand success and market leadership.


icon-ivrIVR Systems

Interactive voice response with integrated ASR and TTS capabilities is one of the basics of customer services.

Still today, IVR is an efficient tool for inbound inquiries, and outbound notifications like reminders.

With voice technologies IVR facilitates with two-way dialogues.

With Aspect’s IVR solutions companies can create customized IVR trees for specific cases.

Make your customer interactions quick and easy.

Let the customer access to the right information at the right time and have the continuity with call center.


icon-custom-ivr-apps-greenCustom IVR Apps

Customer is the owner of the communication and must have a satisfaction with the brand.

IVR applications must be designed to your customer needs.

Changing needs must be adopted quickly by in-house teams.


icon-mobile-self-service-greenMobile Self-Service

Smart phones and tablets reshape the communication channels and way of giving customer services.

CXP gives powerful capabilities to leverage your customer satisfaction.


icon-aspect-customer-platform-cxpAspect® Customer Experience Platform™ (CXP)

CXP gives you all the features to make your customers have an omni-channel experience over touch points such as IVR, SMS, USSD, Twitter, Mobile, mobile Web.

Provide seamless journey from one channel to the next with the contextual information.

CXP makes it easy to design, implement and deploy applications across multiple communications channels.

You design once, and apply to everywhere.

Enhance service quality, variety and channel usage.

Lower the customer service costs by empowering self-service channels.