Aspect Workforce Optimization

Aspect increase customer and employess satisfaction with technology. Aspect Workforce optimization solutions increase productivity of agents while enhancing their work lives – from real-time coaching to managing their schedules via smartphones easily.

Workforce, quality and performance management cover it all and is designed to adapt quickly and cost-effectively to contact center needs.

More engaged agents create higher quality customer interactions and improved customer experience all at a lower operating cost.

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icon-workforce-planningWorkforce Management & Planning

It is one of the main problems balancing the right number of employees with the incoming customer demands. Workforce planning is more complex than ever before. Also nowadays employees use mobile apps more than ever and Aspect WFM gives them the freedom to reshape their working lives via mobile.


icon-backoffice-optimizationBack Office Optimization

The front office and back office is totally different from each other. Companies must give importance to their back office as they do in the front office.

Aspect Back Office Optimizer gives the ability to “blend” back and front office workforces.

System plans a virtual queue to optimally distribute work to back office employees for different tasks.

It monitors work item progress in real-time and re-allocates work to other employees when needed.

If used with Aspect Workforce Management, it brings the WF advantages to back office.


icon-call-center-analyticsCall Center Analytics

Today’s trend is to mine the big data and analyze the behavior of your customers. Analytics synthesizes the data and extract customer insights, information and notifications to improve customer satisfaction and CSR performance.


icon-workforce-managementWorkforce Management

Companies must forecast the volume to schedule employees.

The right number of employees with the right skills at the right time shift when customers need them.

With Aspect Workforce Management software, companies can accurately and easily forecast staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound and back office resources.

Forecasting, scheduling and real time tracking of all inbound, outbound, blended operation

Forecasting, scheduling of voice, multi-session chat, email, social media etc.

Best possible forecasting models

Unlimited “what-if” scenarios for scenarios

Real-time alerts


icon-quality-monitoringQuality Monitoring

Have the comfort of drilling all sources of quality like supervisors, QA analysts, customers, speech analytics.

With Aspect Quality Monitoring all parties can evaluate all interactions.

Evaluate quality from the perspective of agent, supervisor, customer and automated analytics

Calibrate quality scores to ensure consistency

Monitor agents’ audio and screen interactions in real time

Integrate performance management tools for balanced scorecards and full coaching


icon-performance-managementPerformance Management

To measure the performance accurately, data from different sources and systems is needed. Companies must compare all the results to be trustable.

But Aspect Performance Management provides a “single source of truth” providing data from many sources in a convenient contributor framework.

Aspect Performance Management offers an easy-to-use interface for all kind of report that can be exported in PDF and Excel formats.


icon-packagesAspect EQ Workforce Management Basic

Contact centers must forecast call volumes, schedule properly skilled agents and track adherence. Aspect Workforce Management is ranked as the #1 workforce management platform in the industry.

Components include:

Aspect EQ Workforce Management
– Full featured inbound workforce management with sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability

Aspect EQ Empower – FFlexible self-service requesting, reviewing and automatic approving of schedule changes as well as communicating those changes as they occur

Aspect EQ Perform – FProvides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to schedules as well as individual and summary views of agent productivity



Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced

Some contact centers require a broader view of performance. Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced is the choice because it offers all of the above plus sophisticated workforce management for outbound calls as well as a number of other important software components.

Components include:

Aspect EQ Allocate
– Allows you to balance your workforce across multiple global sites

Aspect EQ Reserve – An automated seat planning and management tool.

Aspect EQ Encompass – Allows your contact centers and outsources to share WFM data so you can fully balance all of your workforce resources.

Aspect EQ Performance Management Basic – A powerful data collection, aggregation and analysis tool that gives you a complete picture of how your center is operating



icon-packagesAspect EQ Workforce Management Enterprise

In addition to all of the capabilities of Aspect EQ Workforce Management Advanced, this package integrates more advanced performance management, coaching, desktop analytics and back office optimization.


Components include:


Aspect EQ Performance Management Enterprise – Powerful data analysis that can be integrated with any contact center or back office system as well as full coaching workflows.

Aspect EQ Desktop Analytics – Deep insight into every keystroke and application on the employee desktop whether in the front or back office.

Aspect EQ Back Office – All the work distribution, tracking, and performance monitoring needed for an efficiently running back office operation.

The Aspect EQ Workforce Management Enterprise package will allow you to manage your entire enterprise workforce as effectively as it can be managed