Destech Call Center

DesTech Call Center Solutions Suite

DesTech Call Center Solutions Suite is a resource management system for corporate companies who need to manage their business processes for daily operations. DesTech Call Center Solutions Suite is a tailor made customable platform that ensures an accurate, legitimate and fair environment bothfor companies and the employees.

DesTech provides the best of the breed product in human resources, work force management, quality assurance, sales, training, call center operation, interior communication, IT both for managers and employees.

  • We ensure an accurate, legitimate and fair environment both for company and the employees with HR module
  • Quality Module assures to icrease customer satisfaction by maximizing servis quality levels.
  • Workforce Management module helps planners with its sophisticated forecasting and scheduling capability
  • Sales Module helps sales teams to keep the track of customers, leads and propects
  • Training Module has a great power on continious employee development
  • Companies can track operation durations and productions with Destech Operation module
  • Help Desk Module helps employees to have an online technical support
  • Interior Communication module provides all nessesary communicaiton features for employees and the company.

Destech Call Center Solutions Suite plans, organizes, manages all the processes of the employees from recruiting to quiting. Measures performance and value added actions of employees and ensures a fair and accurate working environment.

Cost reduction in HR,
reporting, monitoring,
and accounting departments


increase in employee
satisfaction and loyalty


less customer complaints


productivity increase

Human Resources

HR Module manages all the processes of the employees from recruiting to quiting. It ensures legal and regulative rules with legal authority.


  • You have a detailed recruiting processes
  • You have manuality
  • You have problems to manage large number of employees
  • You have an extra unnecessary workload on HR people


  • Human Resources
    • Recruiting
    • Interview
    • Approve
    • Job Offer
    • Title
    • Department
    • Employee Information
    • Status
    • Delegation
  • Personnel
  • Day offs
  • Promotion and Warnings
  • Transfers
  • Quiting

Quality Improvement Module

This is the module that manages all quality process starting with recording customer interactions and ending with taking necessary improvement actions.


  • You care your service quality
  • You are trying to improve your service quality


  • Call Listening Sub Module: Incoming calls must be evaluated by quality department for certain periods. This sub module helps supervisors to reach recorded calls and evaluate them.
  • Quality Evaluation Sub module : To improve service quality all the customer interactions evaualted according to SLA’a and this module will be the right hand of the quality department.

Work Force Management

It is a complex process to forecast calls and plan shifts while maximizing employee performance. Workforce Management Module supports planners when scheduling.


  • You have a processes like shift planning, breaks, day offs etc.


Shift Management

  • Shift Planning
  • Skill Based Planning
  • Employee Communication
  • Shift change by supervisor approvement

Break Management

  • Break Planning
  • Break Management
  • Employee Break Control
  • Progress Calculations


  • Ability to display personel daily production performance
  • Production KPI control ability

Sales & Marketing Management

It is extremely important to manage your sales activities. Contact information of customers, leads and prospects are vital for healty processes. Within this module you can manage all your processes with customer contact details, corporate company details, proposal and agreement details easily.


  • You have mass amount of customers and have different deals with each of them



  • Agreement Followup
  • Business Grogress
  • Finishing Date
  • Lead Business Opportunity Alarms

Prospect Customer

  • Opportunity
  • Contact Info
  • Meeting Calender
  • Probability Percentage

Interior Communicaitons

This module helps customers to increase interior communications opportunities, decrease the volume on mailing and increases accessibility.


  • You have tens of employees or work places away from each other or at different locations
  • Communication security is important for your company
  • You have overlapping meetings
  • You have problem to reach all of your employees
  • Your employees need supervision while handling their job


  • SMS
  • Forms
  • Job Safety
  • Instent Messaging
  • Reservations
  • Data Bank


Employees have to be trained during their working life. This module helps companies to manage trainings, coachings and exams.


  • You need a training, education
  • You need to measure its affects in your company


  • Education: Online training and examination.
  • Coaching: Supervisors can manage their coaching activities online from the system


Operation module is the one that includes all operational dynamics and figures out all legal rights of the employees as well as enabling monitoring features.


  • You have manuel performance processes
  • You have a KPI based bonus system
  • You want to see wage calculations online
  • You want to rank employees


  • Performance: The sub module that calculates employee performance and reports it
  • Tally: The sub module that calculates wages according to shifting and over times
  • Reporting: Daily production and KPI monitoring and reporting ability
  • Wallboard: The ability to manage operation oline with all the operational details.


Technologic problems are one of the most struggling problems of employees. Every technologic problem means loosing time and money. Companies should solve these problems quickly.


  • You use technological tools in your business
  • You have at least one technical employee


  • Help Desk:
    • Your employess can start support procedures
    • Online Support