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Single platform, single interface

After many years cooperation, Desmer has a great experience and detailed know-how on utility companies such as electric distribution companies and we developed our DesTech Utilities Solution Suite. DesTech Utilities Solution Suite can collect and 3600 manage all customer interaction on omni-channel and manage field teams as well as their inventory. DesTech Utilities Solution Suite is a fully integrated process and interaction management system.

DesTech Utilities Solution Suite uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and integrations to manage and report call center, field teams and department users on a single platform and interface.


Customer interactions are handled from all touch points like web, mobile, phone, e-mail, SMS, IM, TXT, fax, social media (Facebook, Twitter etc with keyword based monitoring) and we make the customer interaction journey pop up in front of the CSR’s single interface. DesTech Utilities Solution Suite enables customers to have the privilege of having continuity in their interactions so they do not need to express their demands over and over. By knowing and recognizing customers, we create great customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Know about your customers!

Customer Services Solution

We serve to the half of the Turkey’s population!

  • Omnichannel Experience
    (Call, Web, Text, E-mail, Social Media, Fax etc.)
  • Mobile Self Service
  • Workflow Management
  • Social Media
  • Proactive Customer Care
  • Information updates via IVR Outbound & Text Messaging
  • Seamless Data Access
  • Back-Office Management
  • Customer Single View
  • Single Sign-On
  • Statutory and Regulatory Reporting

Field Team Management

We serve to the half of the Turkey’s population!

  • Mobile Field Communication
  • Online / Offline Support
  • Asset Management and ERP Interfaces
  • Job Safety Precautions
  • Employee Insurance
  • GIS Integration
  • Schedule & Dispatch
  • Automated Routing
  • Service Agreements
  • Integrated Customer Services Solution

One click less in Call Center, makes you gain 80,000 ₺ a year.


CIS (Customer Information System)

CSR’s have access and manage all the customer information data like ID, payment and collection details, metering details – usage etc-, address, customers previous interactions –date, time, topic-. The data is displayed with historical order. This shortens average call handling time, reduces the costs and increases the customer satisfaction.


GPS (Geographical Positioning System)

Locations of the mobile field teams are updating with stated intervals. This ease the system to give the exact right decision to assign the right task to the right field team. So the team reaches to the failure location in a fastest way. This makes utility companies gain time on repairs and increase customer loyalty.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Mobile field teams have the privilege to access to their inventory from their tablets and update the usage amounts via their mobile app. This online updates makes planning teams to have the instant accurate data. Also the system has an offline mode. This specialty creates a perfect efficiency control on inventory and usage.


GIS (Geographical Information System)

DesTech Utilities Solution Suite can recognize incoming call numbers and separate them according to regions and address.  Customers are defined before planned outage and informed via IVR and SMS. During the outage, if calls received from the affected areas, the customers welcomed with an automated IVR message.

Mobile App

By using mobile app, the field teams can;

  • See tasks
  • Accept tasks
  • See alternative routes
  • Set emergency alarm for their own safety (systems send sms messages or make IVR calls to the field supervisors if the team does not make any update for a certain time period.
  • Listen to the call recording of the customer notice.
  • Can initiate a call thru the call center
  • Can view his inventory online/offline
  • Can update his inventory
  • Can use offline functions and after being online, the system updates itsel

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Still the 90% of the customer interaction is via inbound calls. If all the IB calls transferred to the CSRs, the utility companies have to employ enormous amounts of human resource. The topic of the incoming calls are 80% same during an unplanned outage. That’s why having an IVR and a TTS system is vital.

IVR can be customized according to customers’ demand. Call reasons must be guessed by the system and the customer has to be route to the appropriate IVR node (if calling from the outage region, a message about the outage has to be given). Also VIP treatment can be done via system, like to recognize the preset numbers or customer segment and handle their interaction directly via CSRs or connect directly to the utility representatives.

Self-service IVR decreases contact center costs and increase customer satisfaction, decrease complaints because of waiting long on the queues.

DesTech Utilities Solution Suite is one and only system that manages field inventory.

Know about your customers!

CRM-CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

CRM CTI automatically recognizes customer from the caller ID and pops up the customer ID and interaction details on CSR’s interface.


TTS (Text to Speech)

IVR announces are managed dynamically by CRM. Text scripts are vocalized by TTS. Using TTS is more cost efficient than using a live voice.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Voltage, current, lighting, leakage, outage data are taken from the AMR system. Affected customers are detected by the system and IVR announcements are automatically activated. CRM can be used as a warning mechanism.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Outage data taken from SCADA system are singularized by GIS (Geographical Information System) so the field teams could be guided to the most accurate point.

SMS – E-Mail – IVR Outbound Calls

The mandatory warning messages or other regulative information can be given by SMS, e-mail or IVR outbound calls.



Voice Recording

Voice recordings are matched with CRM call details and tasks. Field teams can listen to these voice recordings. The voice recordings can be used by quality or training departments for different purposes.  By the way the system logs the hearing details.  So it is secure !!!



CRM is also integrated with corporate customer’s web page and web application. So when a customer had a web interaction, this action is displayed on CSR’s screens if the same customer calls the call center.

Outbound Calls

Predefined calling rules can be set in DesTech. DesTech allows corporate customers to design an automated calling list, makes the calls, makes the customers to listen TTS announcements. All calling results can be monitored live. Thus increases the work force save and productivity.  


Photo Notification

Customers can use photo notification function to upload photos of the problems like broken poles or pipelines. Photo notification has the ability to add GPS locations to the photos uploaded.



All the data displayed on the dashboards are customizable. Call center or field teams can be monitored and managed via dashboards. The tasks or customer interaction status or the can monitored and according to volume, work force can be managed.


Failure Details

  • The date/time/ID of the affected customer
  • Failure type
  • Location
  • Affected customers
  • The frequency
  • The duration

Mobile Team Details

  • Online teams
  • What is failure
  • Which team owned the task
  • How long it takes to own the task
  • How many person is working for the failure
  • The duration of the transportation
  • The duration of the task
  • Task history / work list history
  • History of the working territory details
  • Task assignment and the location visited comparisons

ERP Details

  • Who used
  • Usage and task match details
  • What is used
  • How much used
  • Which inventory is used?
  • DesTech updates the field inventory 4 times a day. This provides an opportunity to just on time or daily monitoring

IVR Details

  • Who is called?
  • Which announces are heard by the customer?
  • IVR path historyşube-dashboard-1200x628.jpgörüntü-1-1200x621.jpgİş-Emirleri-Ekranı-1200x610.jpg