Voice Solutions



Voice Solutions

  • Calling Card
  • Land Line
  • Work Landline
  • Number Portability
Calling Card

Easiest way to call land line, mobile, international tariff 1 numbers is using a calling card.

You can start calling with a calling card now without any subscription. To make your call, just dial 0850 and enter your PIN number.

Internationanl Tariff 1 USA, Germany, Alaska, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Guadeloupe, South Korea, Hawaii, Netherlands, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Sweden Switzerland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Venezuela, Virgin Islands Greece


  • Benefit from wide variety of prepaid options
  • System wispers call duration time and remaining minutes
  • Save from high bills
  • Do not think about security issues during your calls
  • Nexus Customer Services is on the other side of the linewhenever needed
  • 24/7 discounted calls
Land Line

You can have a Nexus landline or you can port your number to enjoy the Nexus VoIP tariffs without a change.

Without paying a fixed fee, pay only for your duration.


  • Up to 50% discount on every direction
  • Chence to use alternative voice operator
  • Unlimited calling ability from different phones using the same number
  • Number portability
  • No capacity problems
  • No need for setup
  • High voice quality
  • Ability to use your land line in your mobile device
Work Landline

IP Telephony Services: The best alternative for the companies that use analog telephony systems. Use VoIP systems with high tech devices.
Gateway Services: Hardware sales and setup support for gateways. You can continue to use your analog devices for internet telephony.
VoIP Exchange Service: We have a great expertise and experience on 3CX VoIP Exchange systems and service development on 3CX Exchange Systems.


  • Up to 75% discounted call tariffs
  • Benefit from all PBX features
  • Number portability
  • Free local calls
  • Easy capacity increase
  • Best voice quality
  • No need for setup
  • Minimum technology investment
  • High communication security
  • Have the ability of the more expensive systems
  • Increased communication efficiency
  • Up to date tech for telephony services
  • Best professional services
  • No complicated and hard to use systems anymore
  • Easy to catch the business life dynamics and trends
Number Portability

How to port your number?
If you are the legal owner of the line you can call 0850 260 00 00 0850 260 00 00 Nexus Customer Services or fill out your application form at www.nexustelekom.com. It is free to port your number. Within a week Nexus will port your number after required controls. You will be informed via SMS or e-mail about the progress.


Without changing your number, you can benefit from advantageous Nexus calling services and discounted tariffs.
If you have a internet connection, Nexus is the most intelligent way to communicate.

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